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We can all agree, hopefully, that we would like the Earth to continue to support humans for as long as possible, at the highest standard of living as possible. Assuming that's the goal, this site is a small effort to present ideas to help anyone interested to work towards that goal in their own way. That's all Stand As One means. We have one planet that we've evolved to live on. If we screw this one up - there is no place left to go in the foreseeable future.

It ain't no doom and gloom - it's about challenges and opportunities.

Friday, September 19, 2008

EOL Using MS Photosynth to display species

The Encyclopedia of Life (EOL) teamed up with Microsoft Photosynth to help document the details of species so that others can remotely view details of various species from anywhere around the world. It's pretty cool. You can zoom in to see the scales on a butterfly, or the minute details of a beetle, as well as nice shots of microorganisms, etc.

Photosynth is free and takes a short time to download, and you can use it to make your own synths of whatever objects you want. You can download digital images of documented species from the EOL site.

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